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Now We Prepare

I was driving up to Mt. Greylock with a friend. One of his goals for the year was to bike up the mountain. He was successful. On the way home we contemplated the year ahead. What would our goals be? What was the vision for 2024?

Most goals that are worthwhile take work. Sometimes we pick an easy goal – doesn’t take much and we feel good about it. The issue is to embrace a goal that seems just out of reach. It leaves us wondering if we can do it. As a result we push ourselves a bit, we get focused, perhaps even a bit obsessive – in a good way. With those kinds of goals we tap into the potential God has provided.

The fellow down the street sets a weekly and monthly running total. And he keeps at it all winter. My cycling friend is contemplating a number of events for next year. You do not simply jump into it. Those “reach” goals take a lot of emotional energy – and require preparation and contemplation. I suspect that lack of contemplation is why many January resolutions fail.

These visons need not be some kind of physical endeavor. They could be taking a course, reading certain literature, learning an instrument, joining a singing chorale, volunteering for an agency….They take time but – and here is the key – they break us out of the “go along to get along” lifestyle we typically live. Suddenly, we get intentional.

How do you want to live? Now, September into November, is the time to prepare.

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