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A Little Spiritual Focus

I am recovering from this ankle break, doing my exercises and trying to get motivated by a vision of what I would like to do this summer. My reach goal is another shot at the Mt. Washington Autoroad Bike race. I only have a few more years when I can hope to finish.

Last year I set my best time. This year I would hope to be in that ballpark and finish. I have had 3 months of no exercise and I am getting older. Just getting to the starting line would be good.

The physical therapists are not encouraging. But how many people do they work with who do this kind of thing…. Very few.

I am trying to be reasonable. I need to hit some training markers if I am to get to the starting line. That will be the next months. The real key is losing weight. If I cannot lose the weight, I will never make it to the finish.

Trying to lose this weight is tough. My self-control vaporizes. I try to eat just a few nuts, just a few almonds. I should know better. I am the alcoholic who thinks he can have maybe one drink. It is like eating one potato chip.

Then throw in some upsetting matters and discipline really goes out the window.

I have forgotten to pray about this. I did last year. I will now. Every morning – “Lord, stir in me the power to resist, stir in me the power.”

Up to me. I may make it, I may not. Up to me, with a little spiritual focus.

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