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We Can

The woman believed God could heal her. Just let me touch his garment. Jesus said, your faith made you well. He taught – if your neighbor persists in asking you for food, you will give in and help out. Persist. Believe. Seek, ask, knock. He taught – three people get gifts. Two invest and are applauded. One hides the gift – plays it safe. He is chastised.

Go, go, go. Believe you can. Trust in the potential God has given. We all have gifts. Seek God’s strength. Open the gifts. And Jesus saw the fellow sitting by the healing pool for 38 years and asked him, “Do you want to be well?” Emphasis on “want.” Every one of us needs a little of that “get go,” a little of that “want to,” in our blood.

We can sell ourselves short and there is no shortage of people who want us to keep them company. Our presence validates the way they live. If we break out, it can serve as a reminder of what might be possible for them….and that can be threatening. They may not be so encouraging.

Sing in a choir where everyone complains about the music, notes too hard, whatever and how does the choir sound? Sing in a choir and folks are excited about what they are doing and how does it sound? Right, who we hang around with can make a difference on how we live. Hang around with runners who are excited about the day’s training or hang around with runners who do not know it they can make it. Big difference.

Believe. Trust in the gifts God has given. Be one of those people who is an encourager. May the way we live serve as an encouragement. It is a quiet way of showing people what might be possible for them – at their level, with their interests and dreams, in their lives.

Many times we simply do not know what we are missing. We are reluctant, for whatever reason, to tap into the capabilities we have been given. Squeeze those gifts!

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