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Climbing the Mountain

Jesus was transfigured on top of a mountain. He became glistening white surrounded by light. We interpret the moment as a time when we see the transformed divinity of Jesus. And a voice is heard – the voice of God proclaiming God is well pleased.

God’s glory is shown.

What few people process is that Jesus had to climb that mountain.

Each of us has a mountain before us. And when we get to the top – the glory of God is manifest. I see lent as mountain climbing time, days when we turn to God’s Spirit to take one more step up. And when we get to the mountaintop at Easter… the glory of God shines through us.

What is your mountain? Lent starts on Wednesday, March 2, and Easter is Sunday, April 17. I do not know that it makes much difference when we start climbing….

I had a friend say that each day he wanted to send a personal note of thanks to someone in his family, a friend a co-worker. That was his mountain. Another friend said he and his wife were dispensing with having the tv on during dinner and no more computer tablet on the table. A third friend said, her mountain was sitting aside time each morning: to write in her gratitude journal and for silent meditation. Another friend, a senior citizen, said his mountain was going into to basement to dust off the treadmill and get it working.

And on Easter the glory of God shined through them. They climbed those mountains.

One step.

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