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Not Too Active

This blog is not especially “active.” It is not from lack of interest in writing. Shortly after starting the blog, I started writing a daily column called “The Mindful Moment” for the local newspaper in Brattleboro – The Brattleboro Reformer. The column is listed under community news.

I also send out daily emails via constant contact. They are different from the newspaper column. The daily emails are sent to those who have asked to be on that list as per the guidelines from constant contact. Those emails are designed to be “follow-ups” to the message from Sunday worship. The emails are based on passages from scripture and are much intentionally Jesus or God focused. The column in the newspaper is not so “God” focused although discerning readers will see the links.

As a result of all this writing, the blog gets only modest attention these days. On occasion, however, I do get inspired.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to receive the daily emails we send out. The Brattleboro Reformer can be accessed through the internet.

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