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Sacrifices We Make - Ukraine

Many folks experience a despair when considering the Ukraine war. We can only watch or read. But each of us in contributing to this effort in ways we may not realize.

Some folks have contacts in the Ukraine and are sending money. It is a complex process to do so. Others are sending funds to relief agencies. The governor of Vermont proposed support from Vermont, the equivalent of a dollar for every citizen.

Some people are in a position to contribute, others may not be so flush.

But we need realize that we are all making a sacrifice to support the war effort through the higher costs we are paying. Every day when I go past the gas station I see rising prices. And these increases will soon be seen with the escalating costs of transported goods.

We are all helping – but perhaps in ways we might not fully grasp. If you feel helpless… just remember what you are doing when you pay those bills. The sacrifices we make are minimal given what the people of the Ukraine are going through, but we are helping.

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